Choosing the Right School For Your Student

There are abounding important decisions parents accomplish on a circadian basis. What movies and television are appropriate? When should alarm be? What schools will accord them the best opportunities? Lucky for parents, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati helps you acknowledgment the endure one with ease.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati Catholic Schools accommodate the accomplished superior education. These Catholic Elementary Schools and Catholic Top Schools accord acceptance all the all-important accoutrement to succeed. Acceptance in Catholic Schools always rank college on connected tests. These top array accord to added cogent numbers. Catholic schools accept a 98% graduation rate; and 98% of acceptance accompany college education.

Catholic top schools await on their values-added apprenticeship for their top graduation ante and top numbers of acceptance who accompany college education. Unique to Catholic schools is the befalling to breeding airy and moral ethics aural the students. This is consistently able not alone in classes of religious apprenticeship but throughout the class and extracurricular activities. The Gospel's bulletin is accomplished in our classrooms every day.

The accent of extracurricular activities is axial to the arete apparent by these schools as well. Extracurricular activities cover endless sports programs, amusing accomplishment architecture and the arts. Eighty percent of acceptance in Greater Cincinnati Catholic Schools and Greater Dayton Catholic Schools participate in extracurricular activities. All acceptance are aswell appropriate to participate in association account projects. This is just one of the abounding means these Catholic schools accord aback to their communities.

Each academy is a accurate absorption of its community. Approximately 16% of acceptance are from added faiths and 16% are minorities. In Cincinnati, 66% of close city-limits acceptance are from added faiths while 64% are minorities. In Dayton, 55% of close city-limits acceptance are from added faiths while 60% are minorities. Research shows that acceptance from disadvantaged backgrounds accept a far greater adventitious to accomplish in Catholic schools than anywhere else.

At anniversary school, the cadre play addition cardinal role in the students' success. All 100% of the agents in the Catholic schools are certified. In the 92 breadth Catholic elementary schools, 23% of agents and administrators accept a Master's amount or higher. In the 22 breadth Catholic top schools, 68% of the agents and administrators accept a Master's amount or higher. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati employs the accomplished accomplished agents to brainwash arete in their students.

Each academy encourages affectionate involvement. It is basic that parents are complex in the schools their accouchement attend. This opens the curve of advice amid all parties: students, teachers, and parents. When all three plan in accord acceptance are in the best accessible ambiance for success, and that is at the affection of what the Archdiocese wants and expects of their students.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati wants your adolescent to succeed. Anniversary academy is committed to the alone apprentice as able-bodied as the communities area they are located. They will brainwash ethics for a lifetime in your adolescent that will go far above their elementary and top academy years.

We animate you to appointment our schools online, and again appointment them in person. All schools acceptable ancestor tours and visits at any time; artlessly acquaintance the school(s) of your best to align a tour. For added advice go to